Cort-Arlint-8Cort Arlint is a partner in the law firm of Arlint & Armstrong and the President/Founder of the certified public accounting firm Arlint CPA.    Cort’s practice areas include Business Law, Estate Planning, Contracts and Tax Law.

Whether it is dropping a 30′ waterfall in his kayak, eating a scorpion off the wall or publishing a book on Sarbanes-Oxley, Cort believes in the power of determination and ingenuity.  He has worn many hats including pilot, CPA, attorney, author, fire fighter, auditor, eagle scout and whitewater raft guide.

Not your typical CPA, Cort’s first professional job took him around the United States auditing casinos.  He traveled from the cold winters in the upper peninsula of Michigan to the warm sandy beaches of California.

During a time of exploding tribal and state gaming expansion Cort was in the mix, counting down millions of dollars in high security vaults, verifying internal controls met both the physical and digital standards and he even performed a major role uncovering a casino controller’s scheme to syphon money out of the company’s payroll.

Moving from casino auditing to governmental accounting broadened Cort’s experience with fund accounting.  He took part in auditing the State of Nevada, Reno-Tahoe international Airport, and the Clark County School District, while spending most of his free time snowboarding the Sierra Nevadas and kayaking the Truckee river.

Cort was born and raised in Montana but has since become a transplant in Nevada.  Cort has graduated both from UNR and UNLV, completing a Masters in business administration at UNR and a Juris Doctorate at UNLV Boyd School of Law.

Cort is a licensed CPA in the state of Nevada and has either been the owner of or working in a CPA firm for over 7 years.  Recently Cort a published a book on Sarbanes-Oxley titled “Towards a Working Model for Rulemaking Analysis; a unique approach analyzing Sarbanes-Oxley’s effectiveness.”

For the next chapter in Cort’s professional career, he looks forward to helping others achieve their goals and serve the needs of the Greater Las Vegas Community.